One day of cableless light

Family Seipp is living cable-free. Spend a day of cableless light with them!

Together with our dealer Seipp Wohnen in the south of Germany we have asked ourselves the question: How does it affect our lives if we use cableless lights? How much easier will it be if the light is no longer a slave of its cable? The result: A short film, that accompanies the family Seipp for one day and shows: The future does not only shine bright but also cableless!


Who is not searching for plug points, can focus on the important things in life. Father Seipp doesn’t have to search for a light switch when he gets home: The Winglet welcomes him with atmospheric light and leads him right to the kitchen.

Grandpa Seipp would like to read on a different spot today – so the cableless light has to follow him! And if it gets a little late during a glass of wine on the terrace, then noone has to grope in the dark! Roxxane Leggera accompanies everyone back to the house safely…