Roxxane Fly

The ultra-­portable Roxxane Fly breaks with existing conventions in the way we handle light. Compact, light, flexible, a strong lighting performance and completely unfettered – these are just a few of the luminaire‘s many talents.

black, white, red, yellow
Battery life:
4 to 20 hours (depending on the selected dimming level)
Painted aluminum
140 x 137 x 27 mm (folded) / 238 x 225 x 185 mm (opened)
Luminous flux:
400 lm
Light distribution:
100 % direct light
Degree of protection:

Roxxane Fly is extremely versatile

The compact size and low weight of Roxxane Fly make it a master of manoeuvrability and your constant companion. Powerful integrated magnets on the bottom even hold it upside-down or keep it in place on vertical metal surfaces. The non-slip, soft plastic coating on the bottom keeps it steady on smooth and inclined surfaces. In addition to armrests, tables and parquet floors, its favourite places include not only the metal surfaces of USM furniture and console tables but it also likes to hang around on steel supports or on its side between books on a shelf. The 3D head joint can be moved through 270° in three planes, whereby it not only outdoes any owl but also provides bright light exactly where it is wanted.


Every location a landing place

An especially developed wall bracket is available that enables versatile positioning of the Roxxane Fly. The self-adhesive pad and the version for screw installation made of white powdered steel can transform any location into a landing place for the Roxxane Fly – even if the surface is not one to which the luminaire’s magnets can be affixed.


A luminaire with personality

Four different versions in black, white, red and neon yellow transform the Roxxane Fly family into a gloriously colourful swarm of butterflies.