“Interiors carry feelings”

The managing director of the interior showroom Smow in munich talks about his personal interpretation of cableless light.




Christian Prüller is different. And that’s exactly why he matches with Nimbus. Christian Prüller has known our luminaires since 15 years – and cableless light has a special place in his showroom, as he tells us during an interview.

“For me it was always important to stay authentic, and to say ‘no’ to a customer from time to time. And the clients like that.” He follows the credo that courage will be rewarded. “When you show courage, then good things come on their own. That is exactly how it was with the store.” He had taken over the interior showroom in the heart of Munich after he had heard from a friend that the former owner would leave the place. “I came here and fell in love with the space immediately!” He liked the vibes of the sixties. “I knew: This is my store!”

Being asked what it is that makes Smow special, Prüller replies: “We are simply different. For me it is very important to be where the customer is. I have experienced through the years that a room looks very different when you are actually standing in it from when a client explains you how it looks.”





Flexibility is the key



Prüller enjoys to see the different tastes of his customers. But there is one thing that they all have in common: “You need to feel comfortable in your home.” Thus it is important for him that his showroom carries a coziness as well. The right lighting is important for that. “We have installed the cableless wall luminaire Winglet in a way so that it switches itself on when a customer enters our showroom”, Prüller says. “That’s the moment when they say: ‘That’s cool!’ ” He uses Nimbus cableless luminaires daily – in his showroom and at home. “Let’s take the floor lamp Roxxane Leggera: I am simply placing it wherever I want. Without any heavy cable. If I want to sit on my balcony in the evening, then I take my cableless luminaire. I simply don’t have the possibility to install a luminaire with cords out there.”